The Click to Call extension enables calls to be made directly from within the OLM DealFlow system through the Seller Leads, Buyers/Investors, and Professional Contacts apps. This extension will only work on Google Chrome. 

Topics covered in this article:

  1. Extension Setup
  2. Click to Call Settings
  3. Placing a Call
  4. Post-Call Automations

1. Extension Setup

Step 1 - Go to the OLM DealFlow CRM - Click to Call extension page on the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome to add the extension to your browser. 

A prompt will appear. Click Add extension.

Step 2 - Make sure you are logged into your Podio account.

OPTIONAL STEP - Since you will be using this extension often during setup, we recommend that you pin the extension to your screen for easy access. To do this, click the Extensions icon on the top right of your browser. From the dropdown, go to the OLM DealFlow CRM - Click to Call extension and click the pin icon.

Step 3 - Link the extension with your workspace by clicking on the Extension icon and the Connect With Podio in the dropdown. This will open another page that will authenticate your Podio account and will close automatically. If successful, you will see 'User Authenticated Successfully!' and add a checkmark next to the Connect with Podio button. 

Step 4 - Map your workspace and apps by clicking the Extension icon and selecting the corresponding option under each field. Start with the Organization, then the Workspace, and finally the apps. Once you have mapped your apps and workspace, click Save

Congratulations! You have successfully connected the OLM DealFlow CRM - Click to Call extension to your workspace. 

2. Click to Call Settings

Before going through the Click 2 Call settings, it's important that you understand how the system works. 

There are 3 phone numbers that the system uses:

  1. Contact's Number - the phone number of the person you are calling
  2. Caller ID - the phone number that will display on your contact's phone
  3. Number used to Place Call - the system will call you at this phone number to place the call

Let's go through an example:

I want to use my cell phone to return a call from a seller, but I want the phone number that they originally called to display on their phone.

Contact's Number = Seller's Number 

Number used to Place Call = My cell phone 

Caller ID = The phone number they called in to 

Now that you have a basic understanding of how the system works, let's go through the CallRail Click2Call section in the Settings app. 

Allow Overwrite Number used to Place Call: This option allows you to change the phone number that the system uses to place a call. 

  • If Yes is selected, a popup will appear before each call allowing you to change the phone number that you want the system to call you on (see below). This gives you the most flexibility when you make some calls from your office phone and others from your cell phone. 


  • If No is selected, the system will always use the phone number that you have saved in your profile to make calls. Therefore, no popup will display and your call will start immediately. 

To set your phone number under your Profile, click the profile icon on the top right of your screen and select My Profile

From the My Profile page, click the Edit Profile button.

From here, enter the desired phone number in the Phone field. Scroll down and click Done to save your changes.


Buyers & Prof Contacts CallRail #: This is the Caller ID phone number that will display when you call any number in the Buyers/Investors and Professional Contacts apps. The phone number that you select in this field must be a CallRail phone number with Call Tracking set to Yes. 

IMPORTANT - This is NOT the phone number that will display when calling Seller Leads. Instead, the system will use the Phone Campaign number within the lead's record as the Caller ID. This will ensure phone number consistency when you contact your sellers.

3. Placing a Call

To place a call, go into a Seller Lead, Buyer/Investor, or Professional Contact record and click the Click to Call button next to the phone number.

The next step will vary depending on if you selected Yes or No for Allow Overwrite Number used to Place Call in the Settings app.

  • If you selected Yes, a prompt will display showing the 3 numbers that we discussed above. This is where you can overwrite the Number used to Place Call with a different phone number.

  • If you selected No, no prompt will display and the call will immediately start. 

In either case, when the call starts:

  • The Number used to Place Call will receive a call.
  • When you pick up the phone, you will hear a message telling you to press 1 to connect with the Contact's Number.
  • Press 1 and the call will be placed to the Contact's Number.
  • The Contact's Number will see the Caller ID number when they receive your call.

When the call is connected, a popup will display indicating what is happening. 

Dialing the Contact's Number 

Connected with the Contact's Number

Call Ended 

Call Disconnect - This shows a call that was ended before the Contact's Number could be reached.

4. Post-Call Automations

Following a call, several automations will occur.

1. The activity section of the record will update showing call information and the duration.  

2. The Call History section of the record will update with the call information and a recording of the call.