The calendar icon is located on the top left of the navbar. Clicking it will take you to your Podio calendar.


View all relevant tasks, follow-up sequences, appointments, etc that are associated with a user here. For more information, refer to Podio support.

To link your Personal calendar (iCal, Google, Microsoft, etc.) with the Podio calendar, complete the following steps. 

Below is an example to link a Google calendar:

Click the Wrench Icon -> Add to Calendar -> Google Calendar -> Wrench Icon -> Connect to Google Calendar


You will need to give Podio access to your Google account. Click the Allow button to do so. You will then receive a notification in the Podio system that the account has been linked. 

Finally, click the Add Export button in the calendar's popup to send updates to your Google calendar. You will have additional options about which items you would like to export to your external calendar.