Seller leads may be created in various ways. 

    1. An inbound call from a first-time caller to a CallRail phone number with tracking enabled. Refer to creating a phone number.

    2. A website lead, once website forms have been integrated with OLM DealFlow. For more information, refer to website leads.

    3. Manually create a new lead

To manually create a new seller lead, click the Add Seller Lead button. 

A record will open to create a new Seller Lead.

Navigation: There are several navigation fields throughout the form that serve as anchor links to jump to certain sections by clicking them.

Lead Type: Select the type of lead. To add additional types, refer to modifying templates.

Status: Select the status of the lead. When a seller lead is created via inbound call from a first-time caller, the following status will be automatically set:

  • Answered call - the status will be set to 'Initial Call'
  • Missed or Abandoned call - the status will be set to 'New Lead (need to call)' and an email notification will be sent to the Lead Intake Specialist(s). 

To add additional statuses, refer to modifying templates. Do not delete any pre-set statuses as they are essential for the proper functioning of OLM DealFlow. Please note that all other statuses are manually set.

Follow Up In: This is an easy way to create a follow-up task. Once a time period is selected, a task will be created immediately and the Person in Charge of the Lead will receive an email notification on the day the task is due. 

Follow Up Task Date: This will be auto-filled with the date that corresponds to the 'Follow Up In' field to display the date that you are to follow up with the Seller Lead. This field will auto-update if the Follow Up In field is changed. 

Cold Called: This field tracks the outcome in the previous attempt to reach out to the seller.

# of Attempts: This field identifies the number of times you have tried to reach out to the seller.

Mobile: This is the main contact phone number for the seller. The dropdown allows you to specify the kind of phone number. Multiple numbers can be added by clicking the Add Another button. 

IMPORTANT: The first phone number is used to track all calls and SMS. It is also the phone number that will receive RVM's through Follow Up Sequences.

Email: This is the main email address for the seller.

IMPORTANT: This is used to track all emails to and from the seller within the system

Property Address: Enter the property address of the seller. 

IMPORTANT: When entering an address, begin typing until the desired address appears in the dropdown. Be sure to click on that address, instead of bypassing the suggested address. Once selected, a map of the address will populate and the Google Streetview image will appear once the seller record has been saved.

Marketing Campaign, Phone Campaign:  Select the Marketing Campaign that the Seller lead called in from. When a Seller Lead is created from an inbound call, this will be automatically mapped to the Marketing Campaign and the CallRail tracking phone number.

Call History: This field will list all phone calls (inbound and outbound) with the seller. If you have CallRail set up, all calls will be automatically tracked as long as call tracking is enabled and you are calling the seller from CallRail. To set up CallRail, refer to setting up your CallRail integration.

SMS History: Similar to the Call History field, this field will track all SMS (inbound and outbound) with the seller. Again, a call tracking enabled phone number from CallRail is required for this to work properly. To set up CallRail, refer to setting up your CallRail integration.

Person in Charge of Lead: Select the team member in charge of the lead. When a seller lead is created through a first-time phone call, website form or webform, the Lead Intake Specialist(s) from the Settings app will automatically be entered in this field. 

Wholesaler/Bird Dog: If the seller lead was generated from a wholesaler or bird dog, select the applicable Buyer/Investor from the dropdown or create a new one by clicking Create a new one from the bottom of the list. 

RE Agent Referral: If you referred the seller to a real estate agent, select the applicable Professional Contact from the dropdown or create a new one by clicking Create a new one from the bottom of the list.

The Property Details section is where you can capture information about the seller and their situation. With the necessary information, this section can help determine how quickly and likely a lead will sell their property. Leads with high motivation, an immediate sale timeline, and who are not already listed with an agent are prime leads.

Property Card: This field can be used to enter the web address of the property card in Zillow, Redfin, etc.

Add additional fields in this section to suit your needs. Refer to modifying templates

The Communication Log section shows all communications between you and the seller, including any status changes. 

Last communication can be extremely useful to identify sellers who have not been followed up with after an extended period of time. A great way to view this is in the main Seller Leads app screen; click on the column heading to sort Sellers who have the largest number of days since last communication. Encourage your team follow up with these sellers.

The Deal Info section is where users can evaluate the deal. This information serves as an estimate and does not transfer to the Deals app, as the Deals app will capture actuals. Users may compare estimates recorded here with finalized amounts in the Deals app to see the evolution of the deal. 

ARV / Wholesale Price ($): Either enter the anticipated sales price after renovations or enter the price that you expect to wholesale the property for. 

Construction Costs ($): If applicable, enter the construction costs here. 

Holding/ Other Costs ($): If applicable, enter any other costs that will affect the purchase price (i.e. holding costs, selling costs).

Purchase Price ($): Enter the price you are willing to get the property under contract for.

Profit ($), Profit as % of ARV: This field will be auto-calculated as the previous fields are completed and after the seller lead is saved.

Ballpark Offer: Enter your ballpark offer. Many investors use a ballpark offer to get an understanding of seller interest. Once interest is confirmed, the actual purchase price is offered.

Add additional fields in this section to suit your needs. To do so, refer to modifying templates.

The Follow Up Sequences section allows you to initiate follow-up sequences to the seller. You must have the Mobile and Email fields completed to initiate a follow-up sequence.

Choose Follow-up Sequence: Select a follow-up sequence from the dropdown list or create a new one by selecting Create new item from the bottom of the list. Change/remove a follow-up sequence by clicking the Add/ Remove button.

Follow-up Sequence Action: Clicking the Initiate Follow-up Sequence button will start the follow-up sequence immediately. You must save the seller lead before clicking this button. Otherwise, the follow-up sequence will not be triggered. Clicking the Stop Follow-up Sequence button will stop the follow-up sequence for a lead.

The following is an example of a successful follow-up sequence 

The following is an example of a failed follow-up sequence

If a lead responds back to a follow-up sequence via SMS or Email, they will be removed from the sequence and the Person in Charge of the Lead will receive an email notification.

The appointments and tasks section allows you to schedule appointments or create tasks for a seller lead. For appointments, refer to appointmentsFor tasks, refer to Podio support

The Activity Panel

The Activity Panel on the right side of the Seller record allows you to review all activity with the Seller. Toggle between an activity view and a comments view. 

Sending SMS from the Activity Panel: Use the command 'sms:' with your SMS following the command (see image above). When done, click the Add button to send. The phone number that is used to send the SMS is based on the Phone Campaign field. This will ensure consistent communication through one phone number. Placeholders cannot be used here.

Sending Emails from the Activity Panel: Use the command 'email:' with the body of your email following the command (see image above). When done, click the Add button to send. The subject of the email is based on the Email Subject Line (sent from comments) field in the settings app. Placeholders cannot be used here.