OLM DealFlow allows you to customize record templates to better suit your preferences. With that said, always take care not to delete or alter fields that are used for workflows. Doing so may cause system issues that would require OLMDF's developer's intervention. All customer related system issues will be fixed at an additional cost. Adding fields, however, is safe to do in all apps. Learn more about modifying templates here.

To modify a template, click on the wrench icon on the top left of the app and click Modify Template.

To edit a field, scroll down to the desired section. In this example, we will edit the Contact Type field in the Professional Contacts app. You may modify any existing selections by clicking on their respective names. To create a new selection, click the "enter a category option" input and type in a new type (i.e. wholesaler). Press the enter key to add the new type. You may change the color of each selection by clicking the color icon to the right.

Selections may be deleted by clicking the X that appears when hovering over it.

Click the Done button to save changes.