Email Blasts are used to send group emails to Buyers/Investors. An example of this would be to blast email your buyers' list with a wholesale deal you are looking to sell. OLM DealFlow comes pre populated with 3 email templates you may customize to suit your needs. These are proven templates that make the selling process systemized and very easy.

To create a new Email Blast click the Add Email Blast button.


Email Name: Enter the name of the email blast.

Subject Line of Email: You may use the [fname] placeholder to embed the first name of the Buyer/Investor into your subject line. 

Example: "Justin - Here's a new wholesale deal for you"

Body Of The Email: You may use the following placeholders in the body of your email message - [fname], [companyname], [emailsignature]. 

For more information on placeholders, refer to placeholders.

Email Blast Type: Select which Buyers/Investors will receive the Email Blast based on their buyer type/area. To customize email blast types, refer to modifying templates

IMPORTANT: Any changes made to the Email Blast Type in this app must be updated on the Email Blast Type field in the Buyer/Investor app. Refer to this video for more information. To learn more about modifying the Buyers/Investor app, refer to managing Buyers/Investors.

Email Blast Type should be used when sending to a large number of Buyers/Investors but shall not exceed 200 contacts due to a Podio limitation. Therefore, we recommend creating a new Email Blast Type when you have reached the limit of 200 Buyers/Investors. To send an Email Blast to multiple Email Blast Types we recommend sending to each Type individually with a time gap of 2 hours between to ensure all emails will be triggered properly.

When Email Blast Type is selected, the list of Buyers/Investors within that Type will populate in the Buyers field. 

As an alternative, bypass the Email Blast Type section and click on the Buyers field to manually select the specific Buyers/Investors.

With either method, once the Buyers/Investor is selected, click on Save Email Blast and then Send Email. The email blast will only send after the Email Blast record has saved.

To configure buyers to different types, visit the buyers/investors app. Select a buyer and scroll down to the email blasts section.

  • Emails: This will show previous email blasts that have been sent to a buyer. The buyer type/area shown in green on the right can be changed by using the down arrow.          
  • Email Blast Type: Select buyer type/area associated with a buyer here.
  • Subscribed: This field should be checked if the buyer is subscribed to email blasts from your company. New investors and buyers are automatically subscribed to email blasts. All email blasts have an unsubscribe link that when clicked will un-check the subscribed field. 

Below is an example of an email blast. Notice the unsubscribe link appears at the end of the sender's email address and again at the bottom of the email.


Action - Send Email: This button will only work your email blast has been saved.

Buyers: Select the buyers who will be receiving the email blasts.