Manage your retail and wholesale buyers as well as other investors in this app.

To create a new Buyer/Investor, click the Add Buyers/Investors button.

A record will open to create a new buyer/investor. 


Buyer Type:
Select the type of buyer. To add or modify the selections, refer to modifying templates.

Service Area: This is the farm area that the buyer/investor focuses on. Modify the selections to correspond with your location. Refer to modifying templates.

Once complete, click the Save Buyers/Investors button. 

The Deals section is automatically populated and will link to all Deals that the Buyer/Investor is associated with. This is a great way to identify how many and which specific deals the buyer/investor has under contract or purchased. 

The Email Blast section is automatically populated and is linked to the Email Blast app. 

Emails: This will display all emails sent to this investor.

Email Blast Type: All buyers/investors that will be included in an Email Blast should be segmented into a Type. Due to a Podio limitation, each Type is limited to 500 contacts. Therefore, we recommend that you use the following format: 'Buyer Type/Area' to specify the contact (i.e., Developer/Boston). Buyers/Investors may be included in more than one Type. Refer to email blasts to learn more about Email Blast Types.

IMPORTANT: Any changes to the Email Blast Type field in the Buyer/Investor template should be made in the Email Blast app.

Appointments: Refer to appointments.

Communication Log: This will display a log of all recent communications with the Buyer/Investor. 

Tasks: Create and manage tasks here. To learn more about tasks, refer to Podio support

Related Items: This will display all items that the Buyer/Investor is related to (i.e., Deals, tasks, etc.)

The Activity Panel on the right side of the Buyer/Investor record allows you to view all activity with the Buyer/Investor. Toggle between an activity view and a comments view. 

Sending Emails from the Activity Panel: Use the command 'email:' with the body of your email following the command (see image above). Once complete , click the Add button to send. The subject of the email is based on the Email Subject Line (sent from comments) field in the settings app. Placeholders cannot be used here.