Marketing Campaigns are an important piece of the CRM that will identify which marketing activities your leads are responding to. Each campaign must be linked to a phone number. Ideally, the phone number is a CallRail number with Call Tracking turned on to allow for maximum tracking. Once a Marketing Campaign is saved with a tracking phone number, all first-time inbound calls into that number will automatically be linked to that phone number and marketing campaign. As calls continue to come in, Marketing Results and Stats will be updated in real-time.

To create a new marketing campaign click the Add Marketing Campaigns button.


Marketing Name: Enter the name of your marketing campaign. The best practice is to use a consistent naming convention, such as "Marketing Channel - List types - Start date of the campaign" 

Example: Direct Mail - Absentee & Divorce - 3/31/20

Marketing Channel & List Type: Select the type of marketing activity and type of list you are marketing to. Multiple List Types may be selected. To add additional selections for Marketing Channel or List Type, refer to modifying templates.

Start Date of Campaign: Enter the date on which the campaign will begin. 

Direct Mail Items: This section is only used for marketing campaigns that have Direct Mail items associated with them. Once Direct Mail items have been associated with the campaign, this field will serve as an anchor link that, when clicked, will scroll down to display the Direct Mail Items. For example, when mailing 3 letters to an Absentee list, we recommend creating the following:

  • One Marketing Campaign - i.e., "Direct Mail - Absentee - January-March 2020" 
  • Three Direct Mail Items - i.e., "Absentee - 1/12/2020 - Drop 1 of 3", "Absentee - 2/12/2020 - Drop 2 of 3", & "Absentee - 3/12/2020 - Drop 3 of 3"

To learn more about Direct Mail, refer to managing direct mail.


Phone Campaign: Each Marketing Campaign may only be associated with one phone number. We recommend this phone number be a CallRail number with Call Tracking turned on to allow for maximum tracking.

Status: Only one Marketing Campaign per phone number may be active at once. If a new Marketing Campaign is created using the same phone number as an existing Marketing Campaign, the existing Campaign's status will change to inactive. If you wanted the existing Marketing Campaign to be active, simply click 'active' in the existing Marketing Campaign, which will then change the new Marketing Campaign's status to inactive. This is to ensure proper tracking for your seller leads.

# of Leads: Enter the number of leads you are marketing to here. No input is necessary when creating a Marketing Campaign with Direct Mail items. The total number of leads on all Direct Mail items associated with the Marketing Campaign will be automatically recorded.

Marketing cost: Enter the cost of the marketing campaign. No input is necessary when creating a Marketing Campaign with Direct Mail items as this will be automatically recorded. 


Once complete, click the Save Marketing Campaign button to save.

The following Marketing Results are automatically updated as new seller leads are recorded in the system. The system associates the phone number that the seller lead called into with the marketing campaign that the phone number is attached to. Then when the seller lead is created, both the phone number and the marketing campaign is stored with the seller lead. Marketing Results based on the following:

  • Responses (Marketing Campaign) = Any status (Seller Lead)
  • Appointment Set (Marketing Campaign) = Appointment Set or Appointment Confirmed (Seller Lead)
  • Appointments Completed (Marketing Campaign) = Appointment Completed (Seller Lead)
  • Offers Made (Marketing Campaign) = Verbal Offer Made or Written Offer Made (Seller Lead) 
  • Contracts (Marketing Campaign) =  Under Contract (Seller Lead)
  • Deals (Marketing Campaign= Won Deal (Seller Lead)
  • Profit ($) (Marketing Campaign) = Profit ($) (Deals)

The remaining Stats fields are calculated based off Marketing Results. These Stats are also used for many of the default KPI's on the activity screen. To learn more about creating reports, refer to Podio support.