Appointments are created in the Seller Lead app, Buyers/Investors app, and Professional app. To save an appointment, be sure to create and save the record first. Once the record has been saved, you may then create an appointment.

To create an appointment, enter the following information:

1. Who is Going on the Appointment

2. Reason for the Appointment

3. Location - When entering in an address, begin typing until the desired address appears in the drop down. Click the address to fill out the field. This field will not work properly if you manually type in the address instead of clicking on the address in the drop down.

4. Date & Time of the Appointment

Once all information has been entered, click Schedule Appointment.

The appointment will now appear in the activity feed. Both the team member assigned to the appointment and the contact will receive an email notification. 

The new appointment will display in the Appointments app calendar. Clicking on the appointment will show the details of the meeting. The team member assigned to the appointment will see the appointment in their calendar. For more information, refer to appointments app.