A Professional Contact is anyone the investor works with who are not sellers, investors or buyers. Examples may include accountants, architects, attorneys, contractors, lenders, mortgage brokers, RE agents, etc.

To create a new professional contract, click the Add Professional Contacts button.  

A record will open to create a new Professional Contact.

Contact Info Section: Complete the fields with the necessary contact information.

Contact Type and Service Area: Select the relevant Contact Type and Service Area for the contact. Multiple contact types may be selected if necessary. To add or change Contact Types or Service Areas, refer to modifying templates.

Referral Terms: If a professional contact is a real estate agent you work with to refer retail listings, select 'Yes' in the Referral Agent field and specify the terms in the Referral Terms field. 

Example: 25% of the agent's commission.

Appointments Section: Refer to appointments article. Note that an appointment cannot be created until after the record has been saved.

Once complete, click the Save Professional Contacts button. 

Once the contact is created, an additional info section of the contact will appear at the bottom of their record.


Tasks: Create and review all tasks related to the Professional Contact here. Use the checkbox to mark completed tasks. Create new tasks by clicking '+ CREATE TASK'. For more information, refer to Podio support

Related items: This section will display all items the Professional Contact is associated with. For example, appointments, seller leads, deals, etc.