A Follow-Up Sequence is a list of automated actions for the purpose of following up with seller leads. The actions in a sequence can consist of emails, SMS, RVM (ringless voicemail), and tasks.

To create a follow-up sequence, click the Add Sequence button.

Autoresponder Name: Name the follow-up sequence in this field. Be sure to create a meaningful name as these sequences will be selected in seller leads. Some examples are Text Only Followup and Missed Call Followup. 

Actions: Follow up sequences will trigger Actions. These Actions may include sending emails, SMS, ringless voicemails, and tasks. To select an Action, click in the field to present your existing follow-up messages and tasks. There is no limit to the number of follow-up messages or tasks that can be assigned per Action. Once your desired message(s)/task(s) have been selected, click off of the field to save your inputs. Create a follow-up message/task right from the field by clicking Create new item at the bottom of the list. For more information, refer to the articles creating a follow-up message and creating a follow-up task.

Next action in x Days: Enter the number of days until the next action should be executed. The number of days is always calculated based on the date the followup sequence was initiated in the seller lead.

Example: In the image below you can see the next actions will start 2 and 3 days respectively after the follow up sequence has been initiated. If action 1 starts on a Monday, action 2 will trigger on Wednesday (2 days from the start of the sequence) and action 3 will trigger on Thursday (3 days from the start of the sequence)

Repeat the previous steps for up to 23 total actions. 

When done, click the Save Sequence button.

The time of day that Actions are triggered

  • Action 1 is executed as soon as the follow-up sequence is attached to a seller lead and the Initiate Followup Sequence button has been clicked in the seller lead.
  • Actions 2-23 will execute between 2pm-3pm EST.

If a seller responds via SMS or email to a followup sequence, the seller will be kicked off the sequence and a notification that the seller responded will be sent to the person in charge of the lead.

Pro Tip: place a follow-up task as the last action so if there is no response from the seller, the person in charge of the lead will be notified and can follow-up as needed.