The Follow-Up Tasks app stores all of your task templates that are used as part of a follow-up sequence template. Refer to managing follow-up sequences for more details.

Note that the person who is in charge of a seller lead is the one who will receive the follow-up tasks notification. 

Some examples of proper uses:

  • Adding a task at the end of a follow-up sequence to trigger a notification to the person in charge of the seller lead, indicating that the seller did not respond to a follow-up sequence.
  • Creating a follow-up sequence with only tasks for properties you have under contract to remind the person in charge of the lead to complete certain tasks.

To create a follow-up task, click on Add Follow Up Tasks

A record will open to create a new follow-up task.


Task Name: Enter the name of the task in this field.

Description:  Enter the description of the task in this field.

Files: Attach any files that the team member who will receive the notification should receive.

Once completed, click Save Follow up Tasks. Your new message will appear on the Follow-up Task dashboard and will be available for use in the Follow Up Sequence Template app.