The Phone Number app stores all of the phone numbers in your business. This includes general business numbers, marketing numbers, team member's numbers, etc. If CallRail is integrated with your OLM DealFlow system, ensure that all CallRail phone numbers have been captured in this app. This is required to enable calls and SMS to be captured in the system.

To learn about setting up CallRail with OLM DealFlow, please refer to setting up your CallRail integration.

To create a new phone number, click the Add Phone Numbers button.


Phone Name: Enter a name for the phone number. When using a CallRail number, be sure the name reads exactly as it does in CallRail. To find your CallRail number, log in to CallRail and click Tracking. Find the desired number from the numbers list. Copy and paste the name into the Phone Name field.


Call Tracking

Yes: If yes is selected, the phone number will be set up for call and SMS tracking. This is recommended for all marketing phone numbers that will be used for seller communication. This only works with CallRail phone numbers. If a phone number is tracked, the following workflows will be activated:

Inbound Calls:

  • First Time Callers - a new seller lead will be created and the Lead Intake Specialist(s) will be notified via an email notification. The call record will also be attached to the seller lead.
  • Returning Callers - The call record will be attached to the existing seller lead.

Outbound Calls: A seller lead will not be created on first-time calls to new phone numbers. However, calls being made to existing seller leads will be attached to the existing seller lead. 

All seller leads will be tracked via their Mobile Phone within their seller lead.

No: If no is selected, calls and SMS messages will not be tracked and a new seller lead will not be created. It is recommended to use this for your main office line or any other phone number that is not solely for seller communication.

Click Save Phone Number to save.