Once your OLM DealFlow workspace has been created, navigate to the Settings app to complete your company set up. A record with your company name should already be present in the system with preliminary information.

Click on the record to input the global settings and integration information for your workspace. Note that there should only be one Settings record in this app.

An explanation of each field is detailed below:

Company Name: Enter the legal name of your company. This will replace the placeholder [companyname] on Email Blasts and Follow Up Messages.

Company Address: Enter your company's address.

Company Phone: Enter your company's general phone number. You will be able to select an existing phone number from the Phone Number app or create a new phone number by clicking Create new item at the bottom of the list

General Company Email: Enter your company's general email address (i.e., info@domain.com).

Website: Enter your company's website.

Email Subject Line: Emails can be sent to seller leads and buyers/investors from the comments section within their record. Enter the subject line for those emails here. We recommend using "Following Up" or some other general subject line. To learn more about sending emails, refer to managing email blasts.

Email Signature: Enter a general company email signature in this field. This will be used for emails sent from the comments section in a seller record and can be included in emails from the Email Blast, and Follow-Up Messages apps. To learn more about sending emails, refer to managing email blasts.

Lead Intake Specialist: The Lead Intake Specialist is the person(s) who will be assigned to all new seller leads that are created in the system. The system allows for one or more team members to be the Lead Intake Specialist. Click inside the field for a list of team members who have been set up in the Job Roles app. Select existing team members and/or create new team members by clicking Create new item at the bottom of the list.


Auto Reply Texting: OLM DealFlow can send an automatic SMS reply to all missed and abandoned calls. This will only work with CallRail phone numbers that are set up with Call Tracking enabled. To turn on auto texting, click ON. To learn more about setting up phone numbers, refer to creating a phone number.

Auto Reply SMS: Enter the SMS that will be sent to all missed and abandoned calls.

Example auto-reply: "Sorry, I'm on the other line. I'll return your call shortly. Thanks."

Account ID CallRail, API Token CallRail, and Company ID CallRail: These fields are used to set up your CallRail integration. Refer to setting up your CallRail integration.

SlyBroadcast Username, SlyBroadcast Password, and SlyBroadcast Caller Id: These fields are used to set up your Slybroadcast integration. Refer to setting up your SlyBroadcast integration.