First thing's first: To manage a team member who has not yet been entered into your workspace, you must first submit a support ticket to OLM DealFlow here to add them to your workspace (select the Add Additional User type and provide the new member's email address). The team member must be added before moving on to the following steps.

The Job Roles app allows you to track all of your team members. Recording team members in this app is required in order to assign leads, tasks, appointments, etc. 

To manage a team member, navigate to the Job Roles app. Once in the Job Roles app, click Add Job Role

As shown below, a new Job Role item will open:

All members will be displayed in the dropdown menu of the Contact field. If a name is not displayed, try typing in their email address to find them manually. If they are still not showing, then you must invite them to your workspace as described above in "First thing's first". 

Job Title: Enter the team member's job title. 

Phone Number: If you have already added the team member's phone number to the Phone Number app, you will be able to select it from the dropdown menu. Otherwise, you will have to create a new phone number by selecting the Create new item. To learn more about setting up phone numbers, refer to creating a phone number.

Email: Enter the member's email address. This will be used to notify the member about seller leads, tasks or any appointments that they are invited to. 

Click Save Job Role to save. 

Removing a Team Member: In order to remove a Team Member from your workspace, you must submit a support ticket to OLM DealFlow here.