Appointments may be created in the Seller Lead app, Buyers/Investors app, and Professional Contacts app. Once an appointment is created in one of those apps, it will be displayed in the Appointments app. Refer to appointments for more information on creating an Appointment.


The Appointments app will default to display in Calendar view but this may be changed based on preference. Simply click on the Calendar icon and select an option from the drop down menu. To learn more about layouts, refer to Podio support.

Month/Week/Day View

Appointments may be viewed by month, week or day, as shown below.


New Appointments

While most users will create appointments through the seller lead app, buyers/investors app, or professional contacts app, they may also be created from within the appointments app.

To create a new appointment, click the Add Appointments button.

You will be taken you to the following page:

Provide all required information here.

Date and time: Date and time of the appointment. 

Contact for Appointment: Choose the contact from the dropdown menu. Contacts may be selected from the Seller Lead app, Buyers/Investors app, and Professional Contacts app.

Phone Number: Enter the phone number of the contact.

Contact Email: Enter the email address of the contact. 

Who is Going On Appointment: Select one or more team members that will be going on the appointment.

Reason for Appointment: Appointment subject or purpose. 

Click the Save Appointments button. Once an appointment is created, both the person going on the appointment and the contact will receive an email notification.

To link your Personal calendar (iCal, Google, Microsoft, etc.) with the Podio calendar, complete the following steps: 

Here is an example to link a Google calendar:

Click the wrench icon -> Add to Calendar -> Google Calendar

Click the wrench icon in this popup to display the Google accounts currently linked to the calendar. To add a new email, click connect to Google calendar. You will be prompted to sign into your Google account in another window. 

You will need to give Podio access to your Google account. Click the Allow button. You will then receive a notification in the Podio system that the account has been linked. 

Finally, click Add Export in the calendar pop up to send updates to your Google calendar. Please note this is only a one-way connection and updates made on the Google calendar will not be reflected in Podio.