The In/Out SMS app works once CallRail is integrated into your system (refer to setting up your CallRail integration to do this). This app automatically captures all incoming and outgoing SMS that are triggered/received through CallRail. Be sure that Call Tracking is selected for CallRail phone numbers in order to track SMS and calls.

As a user, you will not need to edit this app but you can use it to review all SMS history.

On the left-hand side, there is a Default View and a Type view. Default View removes all irrelevant columns from view. Type View provides a way to view all SMS history by the call direction. Additional views can be created by the user. For guidance on creating new views, refer to Podio support


Once the SMS item is clicked, the record will appear with SMS details. 

The Title field displays the date and time the SMS was sent/received along with the message contents. 

At the bottom of every SMS record, Related Items will display the seller lead record. Clicking on the seller lead will take you to the seller lead record.

New seller leads will not be created during first time inbound SMS. However, once a seller lead is in the system, all future inbound/outbound SMS will be attached to the seller lead so long as that seller lead is communicating through their Mobile Number (identified in their seller lead record).